Joining a Campaign and Requesting Texts

When a texting campaign is live in Spoke, we’ll announce it on Slack and Facebook and post it on our website. They'll all include a link to the campaign instructions and a link to the correct Spoke organization for the campaign.

To join the campaign, request a batch of texts. You can request up to 200 initial texts at a time; once you finish sending them, you can request some more.

Note: When you go to Spoke to start texting for a new campaign, you may see other campaigns that you have worked on recently. Spoke will not show the current campaign until you have been assigned texts, so don't worry! If you saw a recent announcement for a new campaign, that's the one you should get texts for, not any old campaigns on your front page.

How to Request Initial Texts 

  1. Read the campaign instructions. 
  2. Use the provided Spoke organization link to go to Spoke and log in.
  3. Pick an assignment from the drop down - usually there is just one choice here, "General: 200 Initials," which will assign you texts from the current campaign.
  4. Enter how many texts you want to request (or keep the default). 
  5. Click “Request More Texts.”