Finding Messages in Spoke

When people start replying to your texts, you’ll see the option to “Send Replies” on your To Do page in the campaign's box. The number in the top right circle tells you how many there are.Spoke buttons: Send First Texts, Send Replies, Past Messages, and Skipped Messages.

After you respond to people in a campaign, you’ll see one or two other buttons.

  • Past Messages – Once you’ve replied to a message, it’s stored in your “Past Messages.” You can access these if you need to send an additional text. If you get another response after replying to a message, it’ll move back to “Send Replies.”
  • Skipped Messages – You have the option to “Skip Reply” in conversations if there is no need to respond. These conversations are stored under “Skipped Messages.”

Note: If you don’t have any first texts left to send, replies to handle, past messages, or skipped messages, you may not see the campaign on To Do your page. It will reappear when you are assigned more first texts or when you get a reply.