Recording Responses to Questions

The first text in a campaign asks a question such as: “Are you planning to vote for [Candidate]?” or “Can you attend [event]?” When a contact answers the question, record their response. This step is important! We provide this data to our partners/candidates, and we can use the data to send reminders to people who said yes.

How to Record Responses

  1. Click the question under “Current question.”
  2. Select their response. A message will automatically appear.
  3. Send the message. You can adapt it to fit the conversation.

How to Change a Response

If someone you’re texting changes their answer to the question, you should edit the recorded response. Examples: if someone switches from undecided to supporting a candidate, or if someone says they can no longer attend an event.

  1. Click the down arrow to the right of “Current question.”
  2. Click the answer you want to change.
  3. Select the updated answer or clear the response. The current answer is red.
  4. Send the message, adapting as needed.

How to Record Responses to Follow-up Questions

Some response scripts ask follow-up questions, in which case the new question will show up under “Current Question,” allowing you to record a new response and send its script.

  1. First text: “Are you interested in running for local office?”
  2. Their response: “No thanks!”
  3. Record “No” and send message: “Okay, no problem. Would you be interested in volunteering?”
  4. Their response: “Sure!”
  5. Record “Yes” and send message: “Great! Someone will be in touch with ways you can help.”

Once you record the first response and send its message, the “Current Question” will update to reflect the next question. Record the next answer there. To view previously recorded responses, click the down arrow to the right of “Current Question.”

How to Record Responses to Multiple Questions at Once

Sometimes someone will answer two questions at once - for example, when asked if they're interested in running for local office, someone might reply, “No, but I'd love to volunteer!”

To record an answer to the initial question and to one or more follow-up questions at the same time, click the down arrow to the right of “Current Question.” This will bring up “All Questions,” which should allow you to answer the first question and then any follow-up questions. You can finish by sending the script associated with the final question, such as, “Great! Someone will be in touch with ways you can help.”