Message Reassignment and Requesting Replies

In Spoke, most campaigns are set to unassign replies that you haven’t responded to within a certain time frame, generally 90 minutes. This is so we don’t leave people waiting too long — for events or elections, it can be important for to us respond quickly! We may also manually unassign first texts if you request them but don’t send them in a timely manner.

If you want to avoid your conversations being reassigned, please make sure you check Spoke frequently.

Requesting Replies

Sometimes if we have a lot of unhandled replies we'll switch assignment requests to allow you to request them; this will be announced on Slack. When that happens, the drop-down menu will say something like "General: 25 Replies" rather than "General: 200 Initials."

When answering replies in conversations started by another volunteer:

  1. Read through the conversation to see what’s been said.
  2. Check that tags have been properly applied and responses have been recorded.
  3. Continue the conversation as normal.

If you feel it’s appropriate, such as when taking over a conversation that’s been a long back and forth, you can introduce yourself with a message like “Hi X, I’m Y taking over for Z…”

However, if the conversation is likely to end (such as a simple “yes,” “no,” “wrong number,” or “opt out” response), feel free to skip the introduction and simply reply using the appropriate response.