The "Escalate" Tag

There’s a special tag in Spoke called “Escalate Conversation.” It brings a conversation to our attention.

Don’t use this tag if you're not sure how to respond to someone. Follow the campaign instructions, and ask us on Slack or Facebook!

Use this tag ONLY if one of the following applies:

  1. You need to report a text that is an actionable/credible threat or it mentions self-harm. An example of an actionable threat is if we're texting about an event and someone says they'll bring their guns. Other threats that are not credible should be opted out.
  2. You're replying to another volunteer's conversation and they were responding inappropriately (not being positive and polite).
  3. A staff member asks you to add it so we can find the conversation more easily.
  4. The instructions say to – for example, the person gives us their email address and the instructions say to escalate emails.