There Are Many Wrong Numbers

The lists we use are provided to us by others and they are of varying quality — we don’t compile them ourselves. Sometimes they include out-of-date or incorrect information, such as wrong numbers or the wrong location.

This means that a certain number of wrong numbers is expected, especially when the list is brand new and we’ve never texted it before. But if it seems as if most of your replies are wrong numbers or people not living in the area we're texting, please let us know on Slack! We can double check to make sure everything is correct on our end.

Be sure to follow any specific campaign instructions for dealing with wrong numbers. Usually it involves tagging them and replying with the “Wrong Number” canned response. If they ask to be removed from our list, opt them out.

Accurately tagging folks “Wrong Number” helps make our texting more effective the next time we use that list — if you’ve ever texted a list with lots of positive responses, that’s likely due to the hard work of volunteers on previous campaigns!