Can't Find a Campaign in Spoke

If you know a campaign is live and you can’t see it in Spoke, there are a couple possible explanations.

1. You may be in the wrong organization.

In Spoke we have multiple "organizations" that allow us to text for more candidates and causes easily, and you need to be in the right Spoke organization to request texts. The best way to get to the right organization is to follow the link in a Slack or Facebook announcement or go to our list of current campaigns on the website. If you belong to more than one organization, you can also go to to see what organizations have texts available to request.

2. You may need to request some texts.

In order to see a campaign on the To Do page you first need to request some texts. When you go to Spoke to start texting for a new campaign, you may see other campaigns that you have worked on recently. Don't worry! If you saw a recent announcement for a new campaign, that's the one you should receive texts for, not any old campaigns on your To Do page.

Note: If you’ve texted for a campaign but don’t have any first texts left to send, replies to handle, past messages, or skipped messages, you won't see the campaign listed on To Do your page. It will reappear when you are assigned more first texts or when you get a reply.