Confusing Replies, Auto Replies, and Multimedia Attachments

Confusing Replies

Sometimes a someone will respond in a confusing way. If the campaign includes a "nonsense" canned response, you can use that. You can also simply say you don't understand ("Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean!") and then rephrase the question in the initial text.


Sometimes people have auto-replies set up, such as when they're driving. In that sort of case, you can click "Skip Reply" - if they want to respond, they will once they're no longer driving.

Multimedia Attachments

Sometimes you might get a message like this one:

Spoke Message:

This message contained 1 multimedia attachment(s) which Spoke does not display.

Spoke isn't able to show images. If you think the image might be important, you can say "I'm sorry, I'm not able to see images in this app."